Use of automation in offices: advantages and devices

Have you never thought about making a smart office? With the use of automation in offices, we can control practically everything automatically and remotely. And not just in an office, but in an entire office building.

Advantages of home automation in offices

As its main advantages, we can reduce consumption, improve energy efficiency and increase the comfort of our workers.

And also, one of the most important points is that an office building or an office is more efficient in relation to energy consumption, it makes its market value much higher.

It is true that, at first it may seem that taking the step involves a very high cost, but if we think about it in the medium or long term, you will reduce monthly consumption, as well as improve energy efficiency. It is certainly an investment that will pay off.

If you want to know more about the use of home automation in offices, below we present a series of devices that can be very useful to automate your day to day.

automation in offices

Devices for automation in offices

Air conditioning

When we talk about home automation and air conditioning, what it allows us to do is program a temperature to reach the appropriate or desired degrees automatically.

A good way to automate air conditioning is to program the heating or air conditioning to activate, for example, one hour before our arrival. This way, when business hours start, the temperature will be right. In the same way, we can program it to stop something before the end of the day.

We take this opportunity to remind you of the recommended temperatures for the summer and winter seasons:

  • In summer (air conditioning season): between 23ºC and 26ºC.
  • In winter (heating season): between 20ºC and 24ºC.

Smart alarm

Do you know how far you can go with a smart alarm? They have been one of the greatest advances in security in recent years. And, with an intelligent alarm, we can see real-time images of the office on our mobile device. And, in addition, it will send us notifications in case of intrusion detection.

We can activate the alarm automatically when we leave the office and in turn deactivate it when we arrive. But one of the best features is that it allows you to turn on the office lights whenever you want, so that it seems that someone is inside.

There are also types of smart alarms that allow you to use more specific features such as: turn on the lights when entering the office or turn off the air conditioning if a window is opened.

As you will see, this type of device, on the one hand, gives us greater security and, on the other, helps us achieve great savings in energy consumption.

Smart plugs

Its main characteristic is that they have WiFi connectivity, which allows us to connect to a multitude of devices, thus providing us with a multitude of advantages.

In this way, these smart plugs allow us to activate or deactivate the functionalities of said devices, while allowing us to create our own schedules.

For example, you can connect a smart plug to a router, to a heater, to a heater… Most of these devices will communicate with the smart plug through a mobile app, usually compatible with Android and iOS.

Besides, a great advantage of these smart devices is that they will help us avoid “phantom consumption”, known as the consumption made by devices connected to sockets, but which are not being used.

There are many other devices adapted to home automation, but for us these are the main ones. What do you think about home automation? Do you see it as an advantage? Do not hesitate to share your ideas and advice!