Coronavirus crisis: changes in home buying habits

The coronavirus crisis will not only change our social relationships so that we can overcome the health crisis as soon as possible. It will also change the buying habits of our clients, especially when it comes to real estate.

And, according to several real estate portals, during the confinement that we have suffered since the State of Alarm began in Spain on March 14, the type of home searches have taken a 360 degree turn.

Coronavirus crisis: homes with a garden, terrace or balcony

Gardens with swimming pools, terraces and balconies have become the essential elements when the client is looking to buy a home. Because of course, it is not the same to face a health emergency and confinement in a flat, than to do it in a property where you can enjoy the air, even a little.

These new preferences on the part of potential customers will increase the search for single-family homes exponentially. Ignacio Ortiz, director of market research at Activum, explained to Idealista that this type of housing “is now a treasure, especially if they have a private plot.” For this reason, Ortiz believes that “the preference for this type of house will increase, especially in the short term.”

coronavirus crisis

Search for housing outside urban centers

And this type of housing also entails a new change, the location of the houses. In urban centers, the supply of single-family homes is not very wide. Where we can find the great majority of this type of housing is outside the central nucleus of the cities.

In this way, the periphery will take center stage over the city centers. And this is because logically, outside the city you can offer homes with larger plots and with natural spaces in their surroundings.

In fact, the idealist has already confirmed it, based on the searches that occur on his website, in which they see that “they are moving from the capitals to the municipalities of the province.”

Vacation home searches

In the same way, and also linked to the fear that we all have due to the health crisis, searches for holiday homes in Spain are increasing.

Those clients who are used to or who preferred to travel abroad, this year will be forced to enjoy their holidays in Spanish territory.

Today they are only assumptions, because it depends on the province we are in a different phase and we really do not know when we will reach the “new normal.” When we can travel through our country without restrictions. But they are assumptions that point to be very correct, because almost certainly in two or three months we will still not be able to travel freely anywhere in the world.

Hopefully by summer, we can circulate through the territory and enjoy a more than deserved rest. In our case, always offering the rental of our villa in Ibiza, Casa Aura.

casa aura ibiza

The entire team at Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 wholeheartedly wishes that we all come out of this health crisis strengthened, with energy and without having suffered any loss. We all want to recover our previous way of life and we are sure that together we can achieve it.

Much encouragement!