Are you thinking of changing offices or have you created a new company and need to establish your headquarters? You are in the process of finding the best rental office, and one of the most important factors is the location of the office.

At first, the rental price will be prioritized and the decision will appear to be straightforward. But, other elements must be taken into account, such as the image we want to give our clients, the accessibility to the office, the environment that surrounds it

If you need to find a rental office and you are concerned or have questions, today we are going to give you some very useful tips to choose the location of the office.

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Is the location of the office important?

It is not important, it is decisive.

There are multiple factors that you should take into account when choosing the location of the office.

You should ask yourself questions like the following:

  • Do I give a good image to my clients with the location of the office?
  • Is it easily accessible by public transport?
  • Is there free parking nearby?
  • What school offers are there in the surroundings?
  • Are there restoration options? Supermarkets?
  • Are there green areas in the surroundings?
  • If you have clients outside of your city, how far is the airport?

We want to focus this article on our Ofipinar Building, an office rental building located in one of the best and quietest areas of Madrid.

ubicación de tu oficina, edificio ofipinar, alquiler oficinas madrid

Is it easy to get to the office location?

A very important factor is the accessibility to the office.

Ideally, you should choose an office that is easy to reach by road and public transport.

For example, our Ofipinar Building is located between the M-30 and the M-11, at the height of Pinar de Chamartín. This allows an excellent communications network, with the airport and the Feria de Madrid just minutes away.

In addition, we are only a few kilometers from the business center of the capital. With regard to public transport, it has a suburban station 8 minutes walk and the metro 5 minutes.

Is there free parking nearby?

Without a doubt, having parking in offices is not the same as having to park on the street. And if you have to park on the street, it will be much better if parking is free.

This happens in our Ofipinar Building, where we have a private car park with capacity for almost 300 vehicles. And, in addition, parking in the surroundings is free, while if the location of your office was in central Madrid, we would have to pay for a green or blue zone.

ubicación de tu oficina, edificio ofipinar, alquiler oficinas madrid

What can we find nearby the office?

This is another of the most important elements.

That in the area there are offers of restaurants, supermarkets, schools, green areas …

For a business to be productive it has to have a good team that is motivated, and this element is almost entirely aimed at them.

It is not the same to work in an isolated area where you only have the office or a single restaurant option, than to be able to choose from dozens of options.

Wouldn’t it be comfortable to leave the children at school next to the office? Or do the shopping when you leave work because you have the supermarket next door?

This is just the example of our Ofipinar building in Madrid. There are a variety of restaurants in the area. From fast food restaurants, such as franchises or restaurants of homemade and exotic food.

Less than 300 meters away we can also find different shops, gyms, supermarkets and hotels that make Ofipinar a perfect office for all professionals.

And here ends our main tips when choosing the location of your office. Do you have any other determining factor that we have to add?