Keys to the organization in the office and increasing productivity

Organization in the office is of vital importance and is directly related to productivity at work. Normally we always think first about how to decorate an office rather than how to distribute it, but we must prioritize the functional criterion over the aesthetic one.

As we have said on other occasions, the well-being of employees is linked to their productivity and performance. Therefore, the environment in which they work must provide them with a clean and uncluttered work space.

As with the sustainability of offices, the first thing we have to think about when studying their distribution is our needs. In this way, it will be easier for us to determine the organization of the architecture, lighting or furniture.

So that it is not too difficult for you and you have a small guide to follow, in this post we leave you some keys for the organization in the office and the distribution of all its elements.

organization in the office

Keys to organization in the office

Maximize office space

The feeling of space is important to increase work productivity. This is achieved through a clean, uncluttered and, we could say, minimalist workspace.

You have to opt for a simple distribution and with few things, in this way it will be easier to distribute the work areas.

If the office is small, it is even more important to maximize space and, a good way to do it, is through shared tables.

Barrier-free offices

The work environment changes radically between an open plan office and another that is separated by walls. It will always be more pleasant for employees to have spaces without barriers so that there is a better relationship between the departments and increase communication between them. This also translates into increased productivity at work.

In case you want to put certain barriers between departments or offices, you can opt for glass partitions. In this way, you will separate spaces but the feeling will be spacious.

Barrier-free offices, organization in offices

Give priority to natural lighting

As we have already told you in other articles, natural lighting is an essential factor for the well-being of employees.

When you have to choose an office for your company, look for one that has good natural lighting, because it will increase productivity and also save you a lot of money on electricity.

If you have to opt for artificial light, always choose low consumption LED lighting. It is much more sustainable!

natural lighting

Storage furniture

Thousands of documents have to be filed and saved in every job. Therefore, it would be very practical for you to choose storage furniture that does not take up much space and that is practical. For example, desks have several drawers, high corner shelves …

Although, if possible, it would be better if you digitize all the information and keep everything saved on the internal server of the company. In this way, you save a lot of space and, in addition, the information will be accessible to all employees from their own work stations.

Office decoration

Try to keep the floors empty of things, so everything will be more orderly and you will avoid any work accident. If you want to put lamps, they are ceiling. If you want to put coat racks, opt for those that can be placed on the walls.

With regard to plants, it is proven that they increase employee productivity because they improve their well-being, so get several. Of course, try not to stand up. You can put small plants on the desks, hang them on the wall, from the ceiling …

office decoration

And so far today’s article! Can you think of any other ideas for organization in the office? If so, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.