Changes in the real estate market after the covid: Better located but smaller offices and premises

In one way or another, the coronavirus crisis is changing our way of life. And of course, we are also experiencing many changes in the real estate market after the Covid.

According to a latest study by the Catalan real estate consultancy Laborde Marcet, the rental trends for offices and commercial premises are changing after the Covid.

We knew that sooner or later, consumer habits or the way of working would undergo changes. We knew that online shopping and teleworking would end up being greatly enhanced. But we all thought that these changes would come in a few years.

cambios en el mercado inmobiliario tras el covid

Changes in the real estate market after Covid

Both online shopping and telecommuting have brought with them two changes directly related to the real estate market. Smaller offices are chosen as many of the employees work from home. And, commercial premises are also rented also with less space, giving greater prominence to electronic commerce.

But, the rental budget remains the same. That part that we save when choosing a space of less extension, we compensate with a better location. Smaller offices and commercial premises are rented, but better located. That way, tenants pay the same amount monthly,

According to the study by the Laborde Marcet consultancy, “the strategic location of offices and commercial premises are now a priority above the surface, which has been relegated to the background”.

They also emphasize that teleworking is allowing companies to optimize resources and save fixed costs, while in stores, they try to maximize their sales by combining sales in physical stores with electronic commerce. These changes in the real estate market after the Covid have brought benefits to both companies and clients.

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cambios mercado inmobiliario tras covid, alquiler local madrid