Remodelling of common areas in the Ofipinar Building

Remodelling of common areas in the Ofipinar Building

Today from Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 we want to show you the interior remodeling that is going to take place in the Ofipinar Building.

We propose a reform in the common areas and bathrooms of the building, and a completely renovated interior design, giving a greater sense of openness and breadth to these areas.

ofipinar building

Common areas of the Ofipinar Building

In the first place, we propose a remodeling in the elevator area of all the floors of the building.

By placing wooden slats on the doors of the elevators, from the floor to the ceiling, it is intended to increase the feeling of spaciousness. It has also been decided to install aluminum panels between the elevators, in which the floor number and the buttons of said elevators are located.

In addition, adapting to LED lighting system, an indirect lighting is installed through the ceiling. Although indirect lighting is the protagonist of this remodeling in the Ofipinar Building, direct light has also been introduced through spotlights in the center of the ceiling.

As the last element that is proposed to modify, we find the soil. The marble floor is replaced by a carpeted floor in gray tones.

We show you the before and after the remodeling:

ofipinar building

Bathrooms of the Ofipinar Building

The remodeling of the access to the bathrooms wants to be done mainly to gain space in the interior. Also, the relocation of the toilets is modified and new toilet cabins are installed.

In light gray and white tones, the feeling of cleanliness and comfort is accentuated, with a floor also in carpet to unify the remodeling of the elevator area.

In this area we have also chosen indirect LED lighting in false ceiling with retro pit illuminated on washbasins. As in the case of the elevator area, to increase the lighting, recessed spotlights are also installed.

To further increase the feeling of spaciousness of the entire room, the installation of a large-format mirror without a frame is also considered.

As for the bathroom facilities, we have adapted to new technologies, by installing suspended and electronic toilets and urinals, both lacquered in white.


With all this remodeling we intend to modernize the common areas and give a greater sense of spaciousness and luminosity. If you want to know more details about the building and the rent of offices, do not forget to visit our page.

What do you think? We will inform you of the progress!