As we have already commented in other publications, we spend at least a third of our day in the office, and therefore, it is important that we consider having a sustainable office. Normally for two reasons: because we care about the environment, and because being more ecological and sustainable will help us reduce unnecessary expenses.

In recent years we have not stopped hearing the term “climate change”, and it is that, by a little that each of us do, we can help improve the environment. Therefore, today we tell you some tips to have a sustainable office.

Digitize the documentation: first step of how to make a sustainable office

As far as we can remember, we have always had offices full of papers, documentation filed in cupboards or drawers, lots of ink for the printer … If you want to have a sustainable office, choose to use digitize all the documentation!

In this way, we will avoid excessive consumption of paper and ink, and above all, we will save a lot of space by having everything archived on the computer. Not to mention that, if we add all the documentation to our intranet, all employees will be able to access it and improve communication.

sustainable office

Put recycling zones

This is one of the most important points if you want to have a sustainable office. And for that, we must ask our employees to collaborate with it.

Install different types of garbage cans in kitchens so that employees can recycle between organic, plastic and glass. Put different recycling paper bins in various areas of the office. And, don’t forget, to also put recycling boxes for printer ink and pillar, if you use them.

Stable temperature for a sustainable office

Rare is the office we go to and it has a stable temperature throughout the year. Normally, in summer we put the air conditioning very high and we wear a sweater, and in winter we put the heating on high.

It is by no means necessary, and it does not help to have a sustainable office either.

In summer, the recommended temperature is around 25º, and in winter, around 20º. Keep in mind that for each extra degree of cooling, it can mean an increase in energy consumption of up to 8%.

Very important! Make periodic checks of both the heating equipment and the air conditioners. With efficient maintenance, up to 5% energy can be saved.


Avoid unnecessary power consumption

It is not something that we normally take into account, but the simple fact of having devices connected to the current, even if they are not used, involves a great expenditure of energy. This is what is called phantom consumption.

Computers, printers, mobile phone chargers, switchboards… Everything that is constantly connected is consuming energy.

To avoid this unnecessary expense, you can put anti stand by power strips, or you can disconnect the power strip when you are not going home, and turn it on again the next day.

power consumption, sustainable office

Consume responsible products with the environment

Besides recycling as much as possible, we can also choose to use sustainable products.

As for stationery, it uses recycled paper, pens made with recycled material, reusable ink cartridges …

And, for example, each ton of recycled paper is equivalent to saving almost 270,000 liters of water.

The best sustainable office: Reduce light consumption

We have already talked on other occasions about lighting in the office, and it is a primary factor.

First, make the most of natural light. It will help motivate your employees and increase productivity, but above all, we will save a lot of money.
If you have to use artificial light, always opt for led bulbs or energy-saving bulbs.

Besides, go off the lights that you don’t use. By default, in many offices, meeting room or hallway lights are turned on when not in use. You will be wasting energy.
If you’re going to eat, turn off the computer, and if you can’t, at least turn off the screen. Any device that you can disconnect for even an hour will save you energy!

light consumption, sustainable office

Put plants in the office

If you want to have a sustainable office, don’t forget to put plants in different areas. Plants help regulate the environment and can even absorb radiation from electronic devices.
And as a plus, they provide motivation and well-being to employees.

And so far our tips for having a sustainable office. We hope they serve you and help you design an office committed to the environment.

Don’t forget to involve all employees. Inform them of the advantages of having a sustainable office, because not only will we gain energy savings, but they will also increase productivity and provide a very good image for customers.