Virtual decoration: decorate an office or home in 3D

The vast majority of home or office buyers want to decorate spaces in their own way. And it is normal, we always want to feel that we are in our own space, in which we feel comfortable. That is why virtual decoration comes into play.

But of course, one thing is to think about the decoration in your head and imagine how it would look, and another is to be able to make a virtual simulation of how it would look, right? Well, we can do it!

By making a virtual decoration you can see the result including everything you want: wall color, furniture location, space separation … And all this, thanks to 3D technology.

These virtual decorations can be applied to homes, offices or commercial premises. Any space you want to decorate.

For example, in the following image, we have made a virtual decoration with our offices in Paseo de la Castellana:

It is not the same, showing a potential client a photo with an empty space in which he has to get used to the idea by imagining his office, than showing him a virtually designed photo, in which he can already see an idea of ​​decoration and space.

If we have already convinced you, be sure to try the following virtual design programs.

virtual decoration

Sweet Home 3D

It is a free program, and without a doubt, one of the best in 3D interior decoration. It allows you to customize everything: from floors and walls, to furniture and all kinds of decoration. Sounds good right?

But it is also very easy to handle. Forget about needing some kind of professional dowry to run the show, anyone can do it.

This program is more focused on housing, allowing you to design living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms… And don’t think that you also have to design the furniture yourself, because it already includes many pre-designed objects.

And finally, if you want to show your “work of art”, it also allows you to export and print your designs.


Another totally free program that will help you make the interior decoration of any space you can imagine more real.

Like the previous one, it is completely intuitive and it is not necessary to have previous design knowledge.

It also has a collection of furniture and objects to make design easier. And, in addition, among the furniture, you can choose colors, materials, textures …

virtual decoration

Home by Me

It has the same characteristics as the two previous programs, but this one in particular has something very special: the simulation of sunlight. Simply set the date and time for the program itself to simulate sunlight. In this way, you can change the furniture to see how the organization gives you more or less sunlight.

When you’ve finished the design, change the format to 3D and you’ll see it all in real time. The light will make shadows and shapes so that you see everything as if it were real. Incredible!

I think we have convinced you, right? What used to be a headache, making drawings and plans on sheets, now we can turn it into something real thanks to virtual decoration programs.