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We are a real estate company focused on the acquisition of high-value assets and their income

Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 is a group with a great family tradition in the real estate sector. It has its origin in the company Constructora de Viviendas S.A. Its President, Pascual Saorín Fernández, was the grandfather of the current president of Capital 7, Eloy Ureta.

Pascual Saorín Fernández, created a real estate group with high quality assets in the best areas of Madrid. Similarly, Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 continued the tradition by specializing in the tertiary sector.

Despite the crisis in the sector, Capital 7 has tripled its assets and turnover in 16 years.

The company’s growth model is focused on the acquisition of high-value assets and their income. All this, working with profitability objectives in the medium / long term.

Actualmente, Capital 7 se encuentra en una etapa de crecimiento, donde sigue una estrategia de adquisición de activos. Centrándose en España y otros mercados Internacionales, buscando la diversificación de sus activos.

Siempre han contado con profesionales destacados, que han conseguido gestionar con eficacia y profesionalidad los activos de la compañía.

Contando entre ellos con Santiago Cid (Asesor Financiero), Gonzalo Araúz (Asesor Fiscal), Mercedes López (Asesora en Recursos Humanos), y Amador Schüller (Asesor Jurídico).

Eloy Ureta

Eloy Ureta Saorín is the Executive President of Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 since its creation in 2002. His passion for the real estate sector comes from the family tradition, of which he forms his third generation.

Eloy Ureta, together with his team of professionals, has tripled the assets and income of the company since its creation. It has achieved this by focusing on a sustained growth strategy in the activity sectors where the company operates. These sectors have always been mainly offices and commercial premises. Closely, the hotel sector, and residential sector.

The success of Promociones Inmobiliarias Capital 7 has been constituted by the vision of Eloy Ureta and his team, who have always worked with professionalism, rigor, courage and great efficiency.


Eloy Ureta’s experience is developed in the financial sector with exposure to the US, Latin American, and Spanish markets. He has worked in companies such as Banco de Iberoamérica, Citibank and Caja Granada.

In 1996 and until 2002, it was part of Fomento de Inversiones Castellana, with 600 million euros in assets and a turnover of 30 million euros.

Fomento de Inversiones Castellana was the pioneer company discovered by Castellana. 20 residential buildings were built, the La Manzana shopping center, more than 2,000 apartments, 200 stores and the Cuzco I, II, III and IV buildings.

eloy ureta